Sunday, 30 October 2011

Heart Punch 3 D Flower Tutorial

                                     3 D Flower Tutorial

This large 3 D flower is made by sticking hearts together.

Materials required
Hearts 16
Heart Punch- optional but if you have it , it makes your job easier!

1. Fold the hearts in half vertically

                                  Heart Punch Craft Ideas

2. Apply glue to the under- surface of one heart and stick it to 2 other hearts as shown

                                  Heart Punch flower making

3.This is a 3 hearts 3 D heart which pops up and also folds flat .This can be used as such to adorn your cards  and other creations for decoration.

                                   Heart Punch Flower Petals

4.Apply glue to the undersurface of one end petal of the above and stick it to another heart.

                                   4 hearts Heart Flower Petal

5. Now you get a "4" hearts petal

                                  Heart Flower Petal Tutorial

6.Make 4 such petals using 16 hearts in all. Using a heart punch makes this a fast job.

                                   Heart Punch Ideas

7. Apply glue on the tip and side edges of the petals made in 5 and 6

                                  Heart Punch Flower Petal

8. Arrange your petals and allow the glue to dry.My favorite glue is white glue which dries transparent.

                                    Heart Flowers

                                    Heart Flowers Tutorial

9.Put a bead,pearl,quilled shape at the center.I cut leaves from corrugated paper to complement the flower.Do try these flowers.

                                   Paper Flower Making

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


之前的 努力
当时的 付出
现在的 疲惫
原来 我是那么容易满足的